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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Merry X'mas...too late??

I had a great show at Dec 23 . In the year's end , I wish all my friends and who knows me or I know could have a wonderful ending in this year and all the best in next year !!

Oh , here's a little show that may accompany you in this time .

Monday, December 26, 2005

Thought of “The Wizard of Oz”

We known John Woo was trying to escape his surroundings by going to the movie theater when he was young .He said the musical like The Wizard of Oz really inspired him. They reminded him that life wasn’t just violence and despair. It could be beautiful and happy, as well. What’s the magic power of this movie? Why it really inspired John Woo?
The movie is through by love. It’s easy to see that how much affection between Dorothy and her dog, Toto. Dorothy didn’t care any cause and effect and just want to get her dog back even run away from home. When Dorothy saving the scarecrow, the love is appear, too! At the first time scarecrow just like a stranger but Dorothy trade it like an old friend, she care it every where and time. Then they adventure together and meet the Tinman. Love was appeared at that time again. Finally, they find their last company, the cowardly lion, and they help each other in their adventure. Love is always showing up in this movie.
At the end of their adventure, they solve every problem and get their own hope by love. I think the ending is the most important in this move, because the ending was tell us that life wasn’t just violence and despair, love may solve every problem.
After I saw this movie, I could know from experience that why John Woo was inspired by “The Wizard of Oz”.